I suck at updating…

Oh hey.

So it’s been like, a week, since my last post. Sorry…

Here’s a recipe that I made. It’s delish. And super healthy so you should make it too!!



That’s what mine looked like. I’ve been eating on it for days and still tastes great! Thanks to Becky from Olives ‘n Wine!

In other news…I’m still going strong with the half marathon training, surprisingly. Just completed a three mile treadmill run today (it’s too cold outside!) and 30 minutes of weight training at the rec. This is what I look like after I run…

running selfie 1

My face matches my shirt…ugh.

Two days ago I met up with one of my besties, Katie, to go for a three mile run on the rail trail (since it was like, 60 degrees outside!). I love running on the rail trail…it’s my fav. After running we stopped at the new Juice Bar here in Morgantown. What’s that you say, a JUICE BAR in Morgantown, WEST VIRGINIA?!?! Yep! And it…was…awesome. Everything a juice bar should be. Cool hipster décor with cool hipster music playing…and it reeked of grass or kale or something green. Fabulous. Loved it. Going back asap! And you should too! They also have smoothies and other yummy things. https://www.facebook.com/RealJuiceBar

juice bar2Katie drinkin' da juice!


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